RTÉ has unveiled a TV commercial for its new sitcom The Strictly Guys, which has been the subject of controversy and some criticism.

In a preview of the commercial on the channel’s website, the channel shows the first of a series of clips that highlight the series’ main characters.

In the first clip, the narrator describes the show’s “fiercely feminist message” and the “unconditional love of the people” in a segment that starts at 4.30pm.

“If you are a woman who believes you have to have a job to be a strong woman, this is what you need,” the narrator continues.

“We have to be brave and fight for our rights, even if we have to fight to prove it.

If you want to have your rights respected and your dreams realised, this show will help you achieve your dreams.”

The second clip features a young man discussing his “unbelievable” life, as he explains his desire to be on The Stamps.

“The Stamps are a show that helps women get on with their lives,” he explains.

“And, just as in The Stampede, women have to find a job, but the Stamps do it for free.

They do it as an investment in the future, and for the sake of the future of the show, the show has a very positive message.”

The third clip features the narrator’s description of The Stamping, and the final clip is a look at the Stamping’s “unwanted” children, who the narrator refers to as “the women”.

The Stamping has been praised by critics and fans as a positive example of what women can achieve in life.

A series of YouTube clips have been made to promote the show since its premiere last year, with many clips featuring scenes of women being given the Stampedes as a reward for saving the world.

The show has also been described as a “revolutionary” and a “giant leap forward” for female representation in television.

However, The Stamp has received criticism for being “a shameless attempt to sell itself as a feminist show” and “a feminist commercial” that “smacks of the very thing that makes men feel bad about being men”.

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