Danville, VA – An 18-year-old Danville woman, who starred in a viral video that went viral last year that showed her dancing to rap songs in a parking lot with a rocket mortgage commercial in her face, has landed in a commercial with the magazine Hustler. 

Mandy Brown, who is from Chicago, appeared in the video for a company called Rocket Mortgage, which offers mortgage loans to young professionals. 

In the commercial, Brown and her co-host, who goes by the name “Lil Bubbles,” discuss the value of a home. 

The rapper starts to speak with a camera crew while he sings a rhyme that he has been playing on his cell phone. 

“I’m trying to get my loan money,” he says.

“I need my house.” 

After the commercial ends, Bubbles asks Brown if she would like to be in the next video. 

Brown replies that she would. 

After a short time, Bubbers voice comes over the camera, saying, “If you’d like to dance with me, Lil Bubbles.” 

A few minutes later, Bubbs voice is heard on camera as Brown sings, “I wanna get a mortgage for my house,” before the commercial begins. 

Lil B is currently a commercial actress for Hustler, and he has also starred in commercials for American Express, Target, and Home Depot. 

Danville, Illinois, is one of the most populous cities in Illinois, with about 2.3 million people. 

She is the daughter of a professional dancer who also worked in the business. 

Her parents had recently been divorced, and she has lived in her parents home since 2007. 

According to the Danville Herald, Brown has appeared in at least two Hustler videos and has a number of endorsements. 

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