A home in suburban Baltimore, where people gather for coffee in the mornings and spend time together on the weekends, has gone for $9.5 million.

The house, built in 1872, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

It was purchased by the Maryland Historical Society in 2009 for $2.3 million.

It had been on the list for about a decade.

It’s the latest property in the city’s “bounce houses” phenomenon, in which people flock to a new town to spend time with family and friends and take in a new culture.

The trend was popularized by the “bouncing house” craze in Seattle, and now it’s spreading to the nation’s capital.

The home, built near the city line in 1871, is now one of a handful of buildings in the U.S. that have attracted tourists for decades.

It dates to the early 1900s and was the first to be listed on an official listing website, NRO.

(The house is on the Historic Register.)

The Maryland Historical Association, which runs the house, has been trying to sell the house for about three years, and it’s expected to sell this year.

The new owner, who asked not to be identified, bought the house in 2009, when it was on the NRO’s Baltimore listings site.

The NRO, which is based in Washington, D.C., and was launched in 2005, is a directory of historic properties, homes and other properties that are in the public domain.

The site lets users search for historic properties by name, address, date of construction, or by the year they were built.

The website’s owner, the National Registry of Historic Properties, is not required to comply with the NREP, but the site has been a popular destination for families and tourists.

The Baltimore home is one of many properties that have made it on the site.

NRO has not yet posted a listing for the new owner.

The city and county officials who run the Baltimore Housing Authority are not involved in the listing.

They declined to comment.

Some people have questioned why the house was not listed earlier.

NRI spokeswoman Jessica Ebert said the agency does not update the listings on its website because the agency’s mission is to protect historic properties and make sure they are preserved and used for future generations.

In the Baltimore case, Ebert says NRO only updated the listing in late 2015.

She said the home’s location on the Baltimore website made it an ideal site for an online listing.

The listing also included the house’s location in the Baltimore neighborhood, which was then in transition, Eberts said.

In its listing, the Baltimore housing authority listed it as an “urban farm” and also included a description of the property as a “Brick City” home.

In a recent story about the house and its history, The Baltimore Sun described it as “a quiet, well-kept Victorian home with its own pool and poolhouse, as well as a private backyard.”

The newspaper reported that the house sits on a plot of land owned by the Uptown Housing Authority, which owns the house.

The Uptumbhous will receive a grant of $10,000 for the renovations.

A neighbor who lives near the house told The Sun that she would like to move in.

“We have been very happy to see this house in Baltimore for so many years and would love to have this house moved out of Baltimore,” the neighbor said.

“I’m not too worried about the city or the mayor moving it.

The fact that the city would do something like this, I’m glad for them.”

The neighbor, who requested anonymity because she was not able to discuss the issue with her landlord, said the house is a nice place to live.

She is happy to move away from the city, but she is also worried about getting the property appraised and whether the house will be sold for any amount.

The neighbor said the property is on a lot with a pool, but is not a good place to have a pool.

The neighborhood is also in the process of changing the name of the neighborhood from Uptime to Uptwight.

The name change is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

It is unclear how the house came to be on the listing and whether it was listed in any previous years.

Eberth said the NRI is working with the owner of the house to identify the history and condition of the home.

She added that NRO doesn’t keep a complete listing of properties on the internet.

“The NRO does not make the listings public,” Ebert said.

She also said NRO did not provide any information about the condition of or the history of the NRo home.

The owner of a nearby house, who also declined to be named, said he had not heard about the NRHO listing.

“My question is, why didn’t they just

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