Posted September 25, 2020 05:30:39 Kim Crawfords latest commercial for the Match 2020 commercial was just as bad as the competition.

In fact, the commercial features a “savage” attack on the competitors head.

Kim’s husband is in the audience and she takes it upon herself to go after the rival company.

It’s not a good advertisement for the company but Kim has a good reason for it.

Kim Craw, husband of Melbourne Storm fullback Kieran for whom the commercial is named, says it’s because the commercial “puts out the wrong message”.

“There’s a bit of a history behind it,” Kim says.

“I’m a bit bitter and nasty about it.

It was a bit personal.”

Kim’s ad is set to air on ABC TV at 8.30pm on Thursday night.

The company is selling match-specific clothing for men and women.

The ad is Kim’s fourth commercial in three years and her fourth commercial for Match 2020, after the Sydney Cup and the World Cup.

Kim says her husband is passionate about the sport and the commercial represents that.

“He was a big supporter of the Sydney Swans,” she says.

Kim has also done a similar commercial for New South Wales Rugby League and has appeared in some other commercial campaigns.

“It’s a commercial that gets people talking about sport,” she said.

“People talk about how good the Storm is.

It gets the word out about the game.”

Kim has not done any advertising since her husband’s commercial hit.

“There were some things I was doing, but they’re not a big part of my life now,” she explains.

Kim also says the commercial did not give her the best feeling.

“A lot of it was a little bit of banter,” she admits.

“The way it went down was a tad bit silly.

I’m happy to have been part of the show and hopefully it helps the Storm make some money.”

Kim Craw is joined by a friend and former Storm captain, Brendon Gale who is in Australia for the Olympics.

“We had a bit more fun with it than I thought it would,” she laughs.

Kim is happy with how it turned out.

“When I saw it I was like ‘Wow, this is something that I could be doing’,” she says of the commercial.

“To have a lot of people watching was pretty special.”

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