The Australian Financial Services Association (AFSA) has recommended that people who purchase gym equipment be able to take it out of their home when not in use.

The report, which is available on the AFSA website, recommends that people with gym equipment who live in commercial buildings should have the ability to lock it out during periods of high demand.

The AFSA’s chief executive, Andrew Wilson, said that while the report was not specific to Australian homes, he hoped it would be an important tool in the fight against health and safety risks to the public.

“Gym equipment should be locked out during peak periods, or if the building is experiencing severe maintenance, we need to ensure the equipment is locked out when it’s not being used,” Mr Wilson said.

“There is no way to avoid the potential for equipment fires, so it’s important that we ensure people with this equipment are able to lock out their equipment.”

Mr Wilson said that the recommendation to lock the gym out would be helpful to businesses that wanted to be able “to lock out the equipment when they’re not using it”.

“This will ensure the safety of their employees, customers, and staff and reduce the risk of any fire occurring,” he said.

He said that it was important to note that while lockouts were currently in place, there were no plans to introduce them in the future.

Mr Wilson also noted that there was a potential for the “risk of equipment fire” to increase over time.

“Our view is that the risk for the risk that is present right now is so small that we’d be unlikely to see a significant increase in the likelihood of a fire occurring in the short term,” he told the ABC.

Mr Hamilton said that there would be no immediate changes to the legislation on lockouts.

“It’s not something we are looking at at the moment, but we will be looking at the legislation in the coming weeks and months and we will keep our eye on it,” he added.

“What we are focused on is ensuring that we are providing the best possible protection to all people in our community.”

He said the AFA was keen to encourage people to “consider the potential risks associated with using the equipment”, and that this should include a “reasonable understanding” of the potential consequences.

“We would encourage people not to lock equipment out unless they know what they’re doing,” Mr Hamilton said.

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