How do you keep the baby frogs in your backyard from becoming an adult?

You don’t need to worry.

It’s a little-known fact that the frogs are a protected species in the state of California.

The problem, according to the Fish and Wildlife Service, is that a lack of proper care can lead to their death.

But how can you protect them from their potential dangers?

We asked a few experts to tell us the secrets of keeping baby frogs out of their backyard.


Keep the frogs out for a good reason.

As with all babies, they’ll need plenty of attention from adults to keep them safe.

If you don’t give them enough space, they can develop a tendency to climb into your home.

If the frogs get too close, they may get into your pet’s mouth.

In extreme cases, they might even get a bite.

And they can become aggressive if they feel neglected.

A few solutions to keeping baby amphibians in their own enclosures include using a separate aquarium, using a secure cage or hiding them under a rock to make sure they don’t get too far away.

“Keep them away from other animals or other people who might be close to them, and make sure that the enclosure is sturdy,” said Karen Stoklasa, a wildlife and aquatic sciences graduate student at the University of California, Davis.

The frogs also need to be kept away from people who are not trained to handle them, like other reptiles.

The fish and wildlife service says that, in most cases, adults can handle babies safely.


Take them out when you need them.

Baby frogs are very active, and if you’re not careful, they could get tangled in your garden hose.

If they get tangled, they’re more likely to drown or get eaten.

If adults aren’t around, you can place a nest box or rock outside, or leave them outside and let them out to go for a walk or foraging.

Stokmasa also suggests that you leave baby frogs outside at least 30 minutes per day for a few days to allow them to settle into their new surroundings.

“If you’re just not sure how long they’ll stay in your house or your home, make sure to get them out in the morning and let your housekeeper know,” she said.

“They’re not very active and they may just stay in there a little bit longer than they should.”


Don’t leave them in your garage or outside.

The baby frogs may be able to survive outside if you place a rock or a tree on top of them to keep their feet from getting tangled in the hose.

Stomasa suggests putting a rock on top to prevent them from getting trapped inside the hose, or putting a plastic box in the garage to protect them.

If a baby frog gets stuck in the plastic box, they will likely fall through the floor, Stoksasays.

“I’ve had some of them get stuck in my garage floor and have fallen through,” she told National Geographic.


Use a cage.

Baby amphibians are one of the most vulnerable animals in our homes.

If babies don’t come out from the cage quickly enough, they are at risk of getting bitten by humans.

To prevent accidental bites, Stokesa recommends using a cage, a plastic crate with holes or a metal cage with a sliding door.

The cage should be sturdy enough to prevent baby frogs from getting stuck.

A box with a hole for the baby frog to slip into will prevent them getting trapped in the hole.


Don.t. leave them outdoors alone.

The only place where a baby amphibian will probably be safe is in the enclosure.

Stoksa recommends that parents make sure their baby frogs are separated from adults and that they have a safety net.

If parents leave them indoors, Stoksas says that babies can grow up to be big and strong enough to take on a predator, like a rattlesnake.

“There’s no question that the rattles are a threat to the baby amphibious species, but it’s important to remember that it’s a small predator,” Stokas said.

When you’re out on the street or at home, keep an eye on your baby frogs and make the decision to leave them with adults.

“It’s a good idea to be very cautious about where you leave your babies,” she says.

“But, if they’re in a cage that’s securely attached to the fence, that’s going to be a little easier to manage.

It will also be easier to put them in a safe and secure enclosure.

You can also use a safe enclosure if you can keep the adult adults away from the baby.”


Put baby frogs inside a container.

“Baby frogs are particularly vulnerable because they’re the first amphibian to come into the world,” Stokesas said, adding that the only way to protect baby frogs is to place them inside a secure container.

Stokes says it can take a few months

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