All the attention on commercial property in Washington, D.C. is getting lost in the hoopla of the White House’s new national monument, but the same issue is facing residents in some parts of the state.

In a letter to the city council of the small hamlet of Tysons Corner, which lies just outside the new monument, John D. and Catherine H. Lutz said they will sell their home and lease it to the Washington Conservation Corps for $25,000 per year.

“This property was used as a storage shed and as a warehouse for several years prior to our purchase,” Lutz wrote.

“The parcel is about two acres.

The land has been cleared for industrial and agricultural uses.”

They will give the parcel to the WCC in a few months and the new project will start next year.

In the letter, Lutz and her husband said they want to build an office space in the renovated warehouse.

The couple said they had to buy a new tractor and plan to hire a contractor.

“We do not plan to renovate our old facility,” they wrote.

The letter was shared with The Washington Post and was signed by Lutz, her husband and three other people who are part of the nonprofit organization Tyson’s Corner.

Lutksons Corner has about 300 residents.

The community is just west of the city, and they say the land is used for many purposes.

“It’s not a huge parcel of land,” Lutkins said.

“But there are a lot of different uses.”

The land is a lot less than the federal government has designated for conservation.

A few of the land parcels are in urban areas, but most are farmland, including the former farmland of Tinsley Lake.

There is also a lot more in the park, including a lot closer to the airport.

It’s an area where there’s a lot to work with, including an airport and some old buildings.

“You get the sense of being a little bit more rural than you would be in a lot, even in the national park, if you’re in the city,” said Tim O’Connell, an environmental specialist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

“If you’re doing a project like this, you want to try to be mindful of that and work with the community to help it evolve.”

The letter came after the WCP was asked to consider selling some land that sits in the Tysen’s Corner Park.

The group says that in the past, the land was used for agricultural purposes, but it did not have a land use restriction.

The WCP also asked for feedback on a plan to turn the property into a park.

“Our concern was, we want to be respectful of the public and the parks, and we do have to consider the public,” said Dave Tynan, the WCE’s general manager.

The conservation corps was set up in 2015 to manage the land in an effort to conserve it for future generations.

It is a part of Washington’s National Park Service, and it manages the National Park System.

“What we’re trying to do here is help people feel comfortable with the process,” said Lutz.

“They have a right to feel safe and they have a responsibility to protect it.”

The conservation project is in line with the Trump administration’s priorities for the nation’s parks.

Earlier this year, the administration announced it would create a National Parks Management Council to make recommendations to the president on park management.

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