By Andrew HarnikIt’s hard to think of summer as anything other than an American pastime, especially when it comes to nature.

That is not to say summer is the only time we should be enjoying it.

The country is blessed with plenty of beautiful summer weather, and the best part is that we have plenty of places where we can take in nature with our families.

We’re lucky to have so many amazing places that we can get outside in nature.

From hiking in the mountains, to enjoying nature in the parks, to fishing, swimming, and hiking, there are plenty of things to do this summer.

Let’s take a look at the best summer activities for your family.1.

Go hiking and camping1.

If you are looking for a new summer activity, check out hiking and campgrounds in the Great Lakes region.

There are many trails, and if you don’t know where to start, ask your local trail guide.

You’ll likely find a campground near you that will be perfect for you.

Some of the campsites offer water and snacks.2.

Get out and see nature at the park3.

Do something nature-themed at the beach4.

Enjoy nature in a nature park5.

Take a trip to the beach at the lake6.

Do some nature in an old-growth forest7.

Get a swim at the pool8.

Learn how to fish in the river9.

Go on a nature walk10.

Take some time to hike with nature11.

Learn about the history of nature at a museum12.

Enjoy a picnic in a park13.

Learn to swim at a pool14.

Visit a wildlife preserve15.

Take in the natural beauty of a park16.

Take an evening out with nature17.

Explore the outdoors at a nature preserve18.

Take advantage of the great outdoors at the zoo19.

Get some exercise at a lake20.

Go to the pool at a park21.

Visit an old zoo to see what life was like in the zoo’s day.22.

Enjoy some of nature’s favorite foods23.

Take part in a kids camp in a neighborhood park or neighborhood park with children and adults24.

Take time out with a picnic at a picnic site25.

Take on a new adventure with nature26.

Play a game with nature in your backyard at the playground27.

Go camping at a playground28.

Take the family for a picnic29.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of a lake30.

Take your family for an outdoor family vacation31.

Visit the zoo at a zoo park32.

Go canoeing with nature33.

Take something fun on the lake at a camping site34.

Go swimming in a lake35.

Learn more about water quality in the park36.

Explore an old river in the woods37.

Take care of the animals38.

Take this fun trip with nature39.

Take another fun trip on a kayak40.

Do a water activity at the aquarium41.

Go paddleboarding at a boat park42.

Go surfing at a beach43.

Go fishing at a river44.

Go biking on the beach45.

Take that long weekend away at the local lake46.

Take family time on a lake cruise47.

Get in shape at a sports-oriented fitness center48.

Take vacation in nature49.

Enjoy an indoor spa50.

Take nature walks51.

Get outdoors at an outdoor playground52.

Take one of these outdoor family getaways53.

Play sports with the kids at a swimming hole54.

Enjoy family time with the animals at the swimming hole55.

Take it easy at a fishing hole56.

Play soccer at a golf course57.

Explore nature on a playground58.

Go out to the city with your family59.

Enjoy yourself at a family vacation60.

Take what you can from nature61.

Go for a hike in the city62.

Enjoy swimming in the water63.

Get back to nature on the trail64.

Go kayaking in the ocean65.

Go skiing at a resort66.

Play golf in the snow67.

Enjoy your vacation with your kids at the family golf course68.

Go tubing at a summer trail69.

Play ice skating at the pond70.

Go horseback riding at a rodeo71.

Learn a new skill at the ski resort72.

Go ice skating on the mountain in the summertime73.

Play in a race on a snow-covered hill in the wintertime74.

Get the kids to go sledding on the snow75.

Take off on a mountain bike76.

Play an outdoor adventure at a mountain range77.

Go birding at a wildlife reserve78.

Enjoy water skiing at the lakeside park79.

Enjoy kayaking on a river80.

Play on a hill with the family at a winter resort81.

Get your kids ready for the big summer vacation at the sports complex82.

Learn some more about the natural world at a camp site83.

Learn an ancient Native American language by playing a game84.

Take swimming lessons at a lakeside swimming pool85.