The first apartment you can buy in Seattle is a commercial building.

The second apartment you’ll buy is a retail building.

Both are in a downtown area where commercial tenants are already plentiful. 

But before you decide on your next spot to live, consider the location.

Commercial buildings are typically a bit larger and more expensive than retail buildings.

They are also easier to access, which is especially important for people with mobility issues.

Commercial zoning is more restrictive than residential zoning.

Commercial buildings in Seattle can only be built on the ground floor.

Residential zoning allows up to 5 stories, and most residential buildings allow for up to 12 stories.

That means you can only build on the second floor of a commercial development, and not the first.

That can be a good thing if you want to build in a less crowded area, such as a new development that is going up on a former industrial site.

Commercial property owners can apply for special use permits to build taller buildings.

These permits are typically for projects that include a hotel or restaurant.

If you’re looking to buy a property that already has an existing hotel or restaurants on it, you might be able to find a better deal elsewhere.

If you want a commercial project, it’s best to go through the Land Use and Design Review process, which involves a property owner and the city.

The process involves reviewing a lot of data to determine what’s best for the property.

You’ll get a detailed report that outlines your options and how you can get a better value for the land.

Commercial and retail development is in a good place.

But there are still some key things to consider.

Commercial zoning in Seattle allows up, while residential zoning requires that you build on only the second and third floors.

For example, if you’re in a commercial district, your first floor could be a restaurant and you can expect to pay between $150,000 and $250,000 per unit.

If your building is going to be a hotel, you’re probably looking at a more modest $100,000-200,000 for a unit.

Commercial development in the area is typically in the downtown core, but it can also be in other parts of the city such as the suburbs.

The commercial district is also a good area for people who want to live closer to other commercial tenants.

Commercial developers can use zoning rules to give themselves more flexibility.

Commercial developments are typically allowed to build on one side of the street (for example, on a residential block), or to build at a different street corner.

These rules can also limit how much space is allowed to grow on the lot, as well as how much parking is allowed in the lot.

Commercial construction and zoning rules are also used to set the building height for apartments.

This usually depends on the type of development.

For commercial developments, the minimum height for a single-family apartment is 6 feet.

For condos, it is 7 feet.

There are also some exceptions.

For residential development, a minimum height is 1 foot.

There’s a rule that requires a residential building to be at least 1 foot taller than commercial buildings.

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