By David Wright / Business Insider A recent article in Business Insider revealed that commercial air-conditioning companies are using misleading advertising to sell their products to consumers.

It appears that the companies are trying to sell the idea that commercial heating is a luxury option, rather than a necessity.

But it’s not clear if the companies have made any money on the ad campaign.

Here are three things to keep in mind if you’re buying commercial air conditioned air-condensers.1.

The companies may be using a marketing tool that is not intended to mislead consumers: According to the article, commercial airconditioners are marketed as an alternative to traditional air conditioning systems, which rely on expensive and unreliable air-pumps and fans.

Commercial air-con is marketed as being more efficient than air-fired heating systems, because it uses fewer pollutants and it requires less energy.

The ads use the words “better” and “less expensive” to describe commercial aircon, which makes the idea seem more appealing.2.

The company may be hiding something: Many commercial air condensers are advertised as being safe, but there are some products that are marketed for homes that are actually marketed as “dangerous” or “not safe.”

For example, the company selling a commercial air tank to homeowners advertised that it was designed to kill a person if it came into contact with the head of a snake, or it could potentially cause skin cancer.3.

The products may not be safe or effective: In a study by Consumer Reports, homeowners who bought a commercial-grade air-box unit that contained a “gas heater” advertised that the unit would be more efficient and safer than a traditional air-heater system, and they were right.

The product is actually designed to produce heat by running hot water through the air conditioning unit, but the water in the air tank is heated by a heating element.

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