CNBC definition Commercial banking is a banking business that involves the provision of loans and financing for commercial ventures or businesses, such as companies with small or medium-sized enterprises, and involves a variety of commercial activities.

commercial bank name bank name source CNBC definition A commercial bank is a bank that engages in a banking operation.

commercial lending source CNBC article The U.S. government requires banks to lend money to the private sector, but it does not require banks to do so for commercial purposes.

The government requires them to lend to small businesses and small businesses are generally exempt from lending requirements.

commercial loans source CNBC dictionary commercial loans means a loan that involves a profit-sharing arrangement, but does not include a credit agreement.

commercial loan source CNBC Dictionary definition A credit agreement is a loan made to a borrower under which the borrower agrees to repay a loan within a specified time period.

commercial insurance source CNBC Definition commercial insurance is a type of insurance that provides protection against certain risks of loss.

Commercial insurance companies can offer loans and other financial products to borrowers and lenders in the U.N. and elsewhere.

credit card source CNBC definitions credit card refers to a credit card.

A credit card can be a debit card, a credit or prepaid card, or a credit wire service.

credit score source CNBC Definitions credit score refers to information about a credit report that banks use to determine how a person or business is performing, including whether a person’s income is sufficient to cover expenses.

credit union source CNBC dictionaries definitions a credit union is a nonprofit corporation that meets the definition of a nonprofit organization in the Internal Revenue Code, or the Internal Security Act of 1954.

it has a board of directors that includes at least 10 members.

it is an organized entity formed to provide financial services for individuals or businesses.

it may also be a group of individuals or entities formed to serve the common good.

a creditworthy person is one who meets certain requirements for creditworthiness.

a debt-service agreement is an agreement that allows a creditor to make a payment to a debtor for a debt.

a revolving credit line is a line of credit that a creditor offers to a customer for a time period or for a set amount of time, typically less than one year, to help the customer repay an account.

a qualified credit score is a credit score that is higher than 100.

a non-qualified credit score means a credit rating that does not have a minimum of 70 on the credit-risk factor.

source CNBC

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