A lot of Americans don’t like big box retailers, and some even consider them too big and greedy.

But a growing number of shoppers are looking for an alternative.

One reason for that is a growing demand for more affordable and creative products.

The big box store is one of the most popular retailers.

Some people like to shop for clothes and accessories at the grocery store.

Others shop at big box shops like Wal-Mart.

And there are others who shop online.

They want to shop online for their favorite products, but can’t find the space or time to shop in a store.

“It’s hard to get people into a store when they are not even really looking for a specific item,” said Kevin Kiel, a sales associate for a big box retailer in Colorado Springs, Colo.

“It’s a big barrier.”

The retail industry is seeing a big surge in interest from consumers who are frustrated by the big-box retailers, said Michael Eagan, president of the American Council of Shopping Centers.

The problem, he said, is the big chain stores “have grown into this big-selling, high-value product category that they can’t even compete with on the shelf.”

There are two types of big box retail: large, department-store-like chains that stock specialty goods and clothing, and specialty online shops that stock products at a lower price point.

The large chain stores are usually located in major cities, but smaller chains are opening up in more suburban and rural areas, too.

In addition to department stores, many big box locations have grocery stores.

A typical big box outlet usually has a merchandise room, a drive-thru, and a cashier who helps customers make purchases.

The store has shelves full of different merchandise.

The specialty store is usually located near the entrance to the store and a display window.

Most of the specialty items are limited edition, but some are priced lower than a regular retail store.

The retailer usually sells online.

In most cases, it offers an in-person store visit.

But some stores are selling their wares online.

“The big boxes are getting bigger, and there’s a lot more competition,” said Eagan.

“They’re starting to do more and more, but I don’t think they’re getting better.

They’re getting worse.”

The trend of the big boxes, however, is not unique to big-city shopping centers.

A similar trend has developed in other major shopping centers, such as in the Northeast and the Midwest.

But in the bigger cities, there are a lot of smaller and independent shops competing with the huge chain stores, and consumers are more willing to pay for less than the big stores.

The problem is not limited to the major urban centers.

There are a variety of small independent shops that sell items at a more affordable price point, said John Gaskins, chief executive officer of online marketplace BuyOne, which is based in Minneapolis.

But the trend has spread to small towns, too, said Gaskin.

“We’re seeing a lot [of interest] in small, independent stores, but not in the big chains,” he said.

A lot of people have been turning to the big retailers because they are cheaper and more convenient.

Many people who shop at the big, department store chains also shop online, so they can find more products at competitive prices, said Egan.

The online shop can also save a lot on shipping costs, because the big store can charge extra for items that aren’t available online, he added.

“If you’re a small-business owner, you don’t want to be dealing with these stores.

You want to have access to your products at the same time you’re trying to sell them online,” said Kiel.

“If you can do it online, you can get your products to people quicker and cheaper.”

Gaskins said he doesn’t see big-store chains as an answer for people who want more creative products, or for people with a more limited budget.

But he said he does see it as a good solution for people looking to save money on items.

“I don’t see the big system being a problem, because a lot smaller, independent shops are selling cheaper items and people have an opportunity to go to big stores,” he added, noting that he has seen “an increase in interest in smaller, boutique shops that are selling online.”

Gookins said his shop, BuyOne.com, has seen an increase in orders.

For the past few years, he says he has received orders from more than 250,000 customers.

“We’re just trying to get in as many people as we can,” he told ABC News.

“You don’t need to go through the stores to get to them.

You just need to have a way to get there.”

But the problem isn’t limited to online shopping.

In April, Macy’s announced it was canceling its online store in New York City because it was losing money.

The company said it

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