Tenx, the Indian technology company, has announced a new commercial product called Tenx 10, which aims to revolutionise the way Indians write obituary notices.

The product will be launched by the company on April 1, and the first 100 people to buy the Tenx Ten 10 will be able to send it to their loved ones.

The idea behind the product, which was launched by Tenx in collaboration with Tenx’s parent company Tata Sons, is that a Tenx employee will send a condolence note to the deceased person’s family in their native language.

Tenx will send the condolence via a specialised mobile app, Tenx said.

This app will be available in over 10 languages, it added.

The product will initially be available for a limited time only for the public to purchase, it said.

Ten is also selling a 10-pack of the product in the country.

The 10-packs will cost Rs 3,499 (approximately US$ 3,399) while the package will include two phones, one for each family member.

The package will also include a Ten X Ten 10 pen for personal use, a pen to write a condolent note to a loved one and a small plastic box.

“Tenx 10 is the first of a new class of digital solutions to the everyday needs of families and loved ones,” said Manish Dutta, president, TenX.

“Tenx is dedicated to creating the best products and services in the industry.

We believe in giving our users the best possible experience by ensuring they get the best value for their money.”

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