When John Travotto and his company, Pro-Family Advertising, started in 2011, they wanted to help the “right thing to go” – the families of the people they served.

“It’s like you’re saying to the people who are hurting in this world, you’re here for them,” Mr Travitta said.

“You’re saying you’re going to help them.”

“They’ve been through something horrible and I want them to know that they are not alone, and I hope you know that.”

With a focus on families, Mr Traverta’s commercials often tackle topics such as suicide, domestic violence and bullying.

But Mr Travellas own father has not had a job since 2008, and his youngest son is struggling to get by, struggling with alcohol abuse and drug addiction.

“I’m in a bad place,” Mr Travotta said.

”My father has been a really good man, but I know there’s a lot of people who can’t do anything.

“”I know there are people who need my help, I know the problems that families have, and that’s why I want to give them the opportunity to know they are going to have help.”

Mr Travisotto’s father, who is still battling with drug and alcohol addiction, was unable to work, so Mr Travasitys job search began.

Mr Travettas father has two young children, ages nine and eight, and he has a wife and three young children.

“We just want them a little bit more, a little better life than they have,” Mr Trvotts father said.

Mr Trvetta’s family has struggled financially, and the family is facing an eviction notice.

“When you’ve been here for 20 years and have nothing, it’s just hard to imagine where you’re living,” Mr Tevitto said.

Advertisement ”I’ve got to give it my all.

I know it can’t be all that easy, but when you do get through it you just come back.

“Mr Trveda’s father has a long history of alcoholism, and is on his third prescription for painkillers.

I want my dad back and I don’t want him to go,” Mr Tavertina said. “

The family is in a really bad place.

I want my dad back and I don’t want him to go,” Mr Tavertina said.

‘You need to make them feel comfortable’ Mr Traviotti said he wanted to give the families hope.

“If they’re feeling sad, they need to feel comfortable with us, they can ask us for help.

I’m not saying you need to do anything, but if they’re in a crisis they need help.”

The campaign is being funded by the NSW Government, the Australian Red Cross, the ABC, the National Union of Students, the Sydney Institute and the Australian Council for Child and Family Studies.

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