The commercial media is big business and the big money is flowing.

The big five companies — AOL, NBCUniversal, CBS, Disney, and Warner Bros. — collectively spent $3.1 trillion in advertising last year.

And that’s a pretty damn good chunk of money.

And the numbers aren’t going to stop changing.

But as the financial year begins, the big five will be fighting it out in court over how much they should pay for the ads.

What we’re seeing are increasingly complicated disputes about how much the big media should be paying for advertising.

It’s a battle that’s going to get more complex as more companies become savvy about how they want to market their products to consumers.

And it’s an issue that’s been simmering for years. 

But here’s a quick primer on how the big four — AOL , NBCUniversal , CBS , and Disney — stack up: AOL’s total ad spending is $2.9 trillion, while NBCUniversal’s total is $1.8 trillion.

According to the Pew Research Center, the Big Four’s combined advertising spend on TV, radio, print, and online ads reached $3 trillion last year, which is about twice the combined total of the other five media companies combined.

In contrast, the other four combined ad spending was about $1 trillion.

That means the Big Three are making a pretty big deal about their dominance, but not all of it is good. 

The other big three are Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T, which each spent $1 billion.

That’s a lot of money, but it’s dwarfed by the $3 billion spent by the other three combined.

The other $1,000 billion in total ad spend by the Big four combined is almost entirely spent by Verizon, which owns NBCUniversal. 

So, while Comcast and Verizon may be the most dominant media company in the country, they are still making a lot less money than the other big four combined. 

To understand the money the Big Six spend on advertising, we’re going to take a look at the ad budgets of the four major cable and satellite TV providers. 

Comcast and Verizon spent about $2 billion and $1 million on advertising last January, respectively.

That makes for a total of about $4.5 billion that the cable giants are spending on advertising.

But the real value of these ad budgets comes from their placement on TV and radio. 

In December, Comcast and NBCUniversal launched their first national advertising campaign, a spot that showed the families of Sandy Hook victims.

The spot was a perfect match for the Sandy Hook community, and Comcast and Disney saw a chance to use the Sandy Huffers as a launching pad for their own ad campaign. 

It worked.

The ad campaign was a huge hit, earning the networks more than $3 million in ad sales, according to the New York Times. 

And that’s just one example of how a very different media landscape is changing. 

Now, it’s clear that Comcast and the other Big Five media companies are serious about making money, and the stakes are high.

But if they want more money from advertisers, they have to find ways to monetize that spending.

And for now, that means making some big changes. 

We’ve been watching the news for the last few weeks with concern about how the cable and telecom giants are changing the way they do business.

That includes how the TV companies, in particular, are taking the fight to advertisers.

As more companies are trying to monetise their advertising revenue, they’re also taking a hard look at how much their own ads are selling. 

On Thursday, the FCC approved a proposal that would change how TV stations and networks monetize their advertising.

The proposal would essentially force broadcasters and broadcast stations to make an effort to market to as many people as possible, rather than just focus on the most affluent demographics. 

This is good news for advertisers, but also bad news for TV stations. 

As we’ve seen in the past few years, the cable networks are increasingly willing to pay up for a big chunk of ad space, but the broadcasters are often unwilling to. 

Some stations have even been willing to sell some of their advertising space to pay for new content.

But there’s a bigger problem for the broadcasters: they’re now competing with each other for that space. 

Since the end of the broadcast TV era, the number of stations has plummeted from an average of 17,000 stations to just over 12,000.

The stations that have survived that falloff have been the biggest media companies in the United States, and they’re increasingly using that space to compete with one another.

The networks are also competing for the same space in different ways. 

For example, the networks are offering some of the lowest-rated TV programs to advertisers, so the stations are trying very hard to position themselves as the only place to get the most viewers. 

When you compare the number and

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