The commercialism movement is back, and it’s not just for the fashion industry.

It’s also the reason you’re seeing more of these kinds of ads, says Susanne Niedermayer, a partner at Kroll & Niederman, a commercial advertising and technology firm. 

“I think there’s a growing sense that we’re losing our way as consumers,” she says.

“I think people are tired of the ad-driven culture and what we’re seeing is the commercialism, commercialism everywhere.”

The rise of commercialism is fueled by digital platforms like Instagram and YouTube, but also by a rising tide of ad-friendly campaigns and brands trying to capitalize on it. 

The rise of digital platforms can also be traced to Facebook. 

While many marketers are wary of Facebook’s ad-sharing platform, many companies and brands are embracing it for their own purposes. 

For example, a number of major brands have started to promote their ads through Facebook.

Some of those include K-Mart, Nike, Target, and more. 

But as more and more businesses are adopting Facebook’s platform, they’re also starting to get more creative with their marketing efforts.

“Facebook’s ads are a great platform for brands to promote,” says John O. Smith, a professor of advertising and public affairs at Georgetown University and the author of Marketing and Advertising: An Introduction. 

Facebook has long been considered a powerful platform for advertisers.

But this year, it was also the subject of a lawsuit from a California company that accused the social network of not being a fair and open marketplace. 

A lawsuit by a group of California consumers called Consumers United for Fair Advertising filed in December against Facebook over a series of deceptive and misleading advertisements posted by the social media platform, including one that accused some consumers of selling defective products. 

 The plaintiffs claimed Facebook’s advertisements were “designed to mislead consumers about the quality of their products and were misleading because they falsely described the products they purchased.” 

Facebook was also accused of promoting “an advertising program designed to deceive consumers.” 

 Facebook quickly defended the ads and accused the group of being “out of touch” with consumers. 

This lawsuit, however, sparked the hashtag #fairadvertising, which quickly grew into a movement that was dubbed the #FreeAdvertising movement. 

At the time, Twitter and Instagram were the most prominent social media platforms in the US and other countries.

But in November, the hashtag quickly caught on, and the hashtag soon went viral.

The hashtag was soon adopted by many brands and businesses, including the Pixar Cars and Discovery Channel, according to a recent report from The Huffington Post. 

In January, Facebook announced it would end its ad-serving platform and would be replacing it with a new platform called AdSense. 

And this spring, Facebook said it would be working with ad networks to create a new program called the “Digital Ad Network,” which would be “the first step toward providing consumers with the best advertising available to them.” 

AdSense, which launched in April, will be a free service for brands that want to advertise on Facebook.

But some consumer advocates have also taken notice of Facebook and its plans to start using AdSense for ads on its platforms. 

#fairadvertising has also spread to the internet, including on Reddit, where people are starting to share stories of how they were defrauded by Facebook advertising campaigns. 

As more and other companies embrace the AdSense platform, some consumer brands are going the extra mile and launching their own ads on Facebook in the hopes of boosting their brand awareness. 

Take the case of a Texas woman who posted a video on YouTube in 2015 where she says her company sold her car to a woman who bought it with her credit card.

In the video, the woman says she bought the car because she wanted to help her family, and that she sold it because she thought she had a good credit score. 

Advertising campaigns started targeting the woman, who had been using a different credit card to pay her bills, and the campaign was so successful that she bought more than $200,000 worth of cars from AdSense, according to the lawsuit filed by the woman. 

Since then, the brand has launched more than 100 new ads on AdSense to promote its brand and its cars. 

Many of the advertisers have chosen to make the ads more positive, like the one featuring a woman with her husband, who is pictured wearing a blue shirt, a pink tie, and a black cap. 

Another example of this type of campaign is the campaign from the company Adsense, which is working with a family to help them build a brand. 

According to the woman in the ad, the ad was produced by the Adsense brand and was created to give the brand’s customers “an opportunity to learn about the brand

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