The commercial song “The Best Of Bucky” by the Canadian singer-songwriter Bucky Springsteen has been voted the best song by ABC Music listeners as well as the worst.

The ABC’s music critic, Jon McGovern, chose “The Greatest” as the best and said the song was the “most honest, heartfelt, heartfelt pop song” of the year.

“Bucky Springfield is one of those rare stars who can get his message across in an honest, unvarnished way, but he’s also incredibly talented,” Mr McGovern said.

“The song was so well-received, it was even voted the most beautiful song of the summer.”

‘Bucky’s a great, talented guy’ “The best of Bizzy Springsteen, which aired in July, is a deeply heartfelt song, which has a powerful and moving effect on listeners,” Mr O’Sullivan said.

“The song’s been voted by the best of the best listeners, including the ABC Music Awards’ Mr Oatley, and also the ABC News Music Awards.”‘

It was the best single I’ve ever heard’ Mr McNeil said the lyric was a “true testament to the singer’s talent and ability to bring people together”.

“It was one of the funniest songs I’ve heard,” he said.

Bucky’s been nominated for an Oscar in 2017 for Best Original Song for his song “Love Is Blind”.

“Bizzy Springfield’s song is very good and he really delivers on the song,” Mr McDougall said.

‘The best thing I’ve listened to’ “There’s an honesty to the song that I’ve always loved and I think it’s a good song,” he added.

“It’s about love, the love that is missing from our society and we can’t afford to lose that.”

Mr Oatsley said he found the song to be “the best single he’s ever heard”.

“He’s got a voice and it’s got that honesty and it captures the essence of Bumpy Springfield,” he told ABC Radio Adelaide.

‘It’s really beautiful’ Mr McDougal said the commercial had “really, really good songwriting”.

“I think it captures everything about Bucky, he’s a very honest person, very good at what he does, very honest about what he’s doing,” he joked.

“He doesn’t try to hide what he is or what he thinks, he just sings his heart out.”

“Budgie is a great singer and this song was a real tribute to him.”

“It has a very personal, heartfelt tone, so it captures that,” he continued.

“We’re just delighted that he’s nominated for the best album of 2017.”

‘He’s the first Canadian singer to win a Grammy’ Mr Springsteen won the 2018 Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance for “The Love Is Blind”, the song Bucky wrote and recorded with his wife, Thea, and which won Best Contemporary Pop Solo Album in 2017.

Bumpy Springsteen will be the first native of B.C. to win an Oscar for his work in 2018.

The Canadian singer also won a Grammy in 2007 for Best Song Written for a Television Program for his “I’m Not a Woman” and his “Ain’t No Sunshine”.

The song “Buckie” has been nominated as Best Pop Performance by a Male Artist by the Recording Academy of Canada, and Best Pop Album for the Canadian Folk and Country Music Awards.

“I just love Bucky.

He’s the best-looking, the best person and he’s the most honest, sincere guy in the world,” Mr Springstein said.

Mr Oatesley said “Bumpy’s a big fan of my family, my wife and my kids.

He loves me as well.”

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