Business Insider article Commercials are getting bigger, and their audience is getting bigger.

But what about the showrunners, and the people who work on them?

Here are 10 reasons why they keep getting paid big bucks.1.

Commercials can’t possibly go on forever, so they need to keep making more money to survive.

Commercials can only get bigger and bigger, because they’re so damn popular.

Even if you think they’re boring and repetitive, they still draw a lot of people to them.

If the number of viewers keeps going up, they can’t keep going up.2.

Commercial creators are the most valuable people in the world, so it makes sense that they would want to make as much money as possible.

It’s a business.

The only people who are going to want to do this are the people making money.3.

Commercial production costs are a lot cheaper than the cost of a production of a movie.

That means more money for the people in charge.

It means that the creative people who do this work will have more to give to the companies that buy their ads, so you can make more money.4.

Commercial television is one of the few industries that doesn’t require a huge amount of training.

There are plenty of people who get paid for their work, and it’s not as bad as it sounds.

You don’t have to be a television producer to get paid to make commercial content.5.

Commercial networks have an incentive to put ads in the best places possible, so if they can do it without having to pay you, that means they have to.

The more places you put an ad, the more people will see it.6.

They can use their money to do more creative stuff, too.

The biggest risk of being a commercial network, and a lot the reason they are so big, is that they have an extremely limited budget.

If they have a budget of $100 million, they are literally going to make $1 million in a year.

The bigger the network, the less they have left to spend on advertising.7.

The showrunners can’t afford to lose.

If a commercial has a terrible ratings and is cancelled, it can be a financial disaster for the network.

But if it has a fantastic ratings and ratings is a problem for the showrunner, they get a huge kickback.8.

A commercial network is a giant business.

There’s a lot to it.

The money they’re making from their ads is all going to the executives of the companies making those ads.

They’re also making money by doing advertising on other networks.

It all adds up.9.

They don’t need to worry about the money anymore.

The networks are not going to go bankrupt unless they can no longer make money.

If you think that’s true, you are living in a fantasy world.10.

Commercial TV is getting more expensive every year, but there’s no way to tell when it will become too expensive.

If it is too expensive, the networks won’t be able to continue producing them, and advertisers won’t pay for them anymore.

That’s why there are so many big advertisers now, like the ones who make the commercials for the movies.

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