Netanyahu said on Sunday that there was no chance of a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians in the Jordan Valley after he met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the Israeli capital.

The Palestinian leader said on Friday that he had agreed to hold a conference on Palestinian statehood in the Jordanian capital.

Netanyahu said that while the conference was likely to be postponed until after the U.S. election in November, he would return to Israel with the goal of bringing an end to the crisis.

The Israeli leader said he had been in contact with the Palestinian president since the beginning of the year.

“He has already decided to hold such a conference.

He has not yet determined the date and I think that it will happen in the coming weeks, in the middle of the campaign.

It is not the right time, but it is certainly not impossible,” Netanyahu said.

Abbas has said that he would hold a Palestinian state with Israel’s help in the territory and that his own Palestinian Authority is ready to join the peace process.

But Abbas has so far refused to discuss the possibility of an Israeli withdrawal.

The Palestinians are holding a conference in Jordan on Monday, while the Israelis are scheduled to hold the conference in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

Both have been pressing Abbas to agree to hold talks in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as well as in the Gaza Strip.

Abbas, however, has so so far refrained from talking about the possibility.

Abbas has insisted that Palestinians are ready to negotiate a two-state solution, with an independent Palestinian state within the borders of the 1967 borders.

But he has yet to agree on a framework for a Palestinian-Israeli state that he says would be the basis of peace between Israel, the Palestinians and the Jewish state.

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